You ready?

For your hm2?!

You know it. You love it. After seeing the intense results we were able to get with the original Hyphy Mud, we knew we had to bring it to the world. Kali Muscle teamed up with some of the best beverage scientists in the industry to create the perfect balance of cola and coffee to Make. You. Dangerous.

You gonna feel like Superman!
You’re about to get all types of gains when you add HM2 to your pre-workout routine. This megaboost in a can will pump you up and prepare you for the most intense workout of your life. Don’t resist the intense rush you get from HM2 and go harder than ever before.

slam it down!
HM2 will give you the boost you need in or out of the gym. Drink it whenever you need a pick me up – at work, on the road, and whenever you need to bring out your inner beast. We packaged HM2 in the perfect grab-n-go size and the right ratio you need to get it done. But don’t just take our word for it, try HM2 today